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Expand your brand’s exposure

If you’re looking to expand your brand’s exposure, or connect directly with retailers 1:1, there are a bevy of opportunities to get your message out.

Be a part of a community of retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers to network and grow. Showcase your brand, product or company through our virtual GSF WEST LIVE event and targeted communications. Packages are customizable to fit all budgets.

Retailer Connect

Want to connect with Canadian grocery decision makers to get your product onto shelves?
Participate in these 1:1 meetings with key Canadian grocers from across the country.

Pre-Show Product Box

Get your product/sell sheet/coupon/promotional material in the hands of the first 1500 retailers (registered) nationwide BEFORE GSF LIVE Retailer Connect goes live May 11-12, 2020!

Show Specials

Have an exclusive discount/ offering for show attendees? Tell us about it to ensure that everyone is aware of your special offers.

Federated Insurance Education Centre

Looking to showcase your product / service? From demos to education sessions and workshops, there are opportunities to get in front of key decision makers.

Become a Sponsor

Joe Sawaged

Director Member Services & Industry Relations

T: (416) 587-0537